Menar Mental Arithmetic

Dear Parents,


You can zoom in and view the materials closely simply moving your mouse over the big picture.

When you register your child to a Menar center, you will get a student set containing the books, an abacus, a mental card and a bag as you see in the picture. Make sure that they are original and not photocopies. The school may charge the set separately or the set price might be included in the course fee.

The set includes the bag, the abacus and the mental card in addition to the books.


Other than the books, one of the most important resources of Menar Program is Menar Online Platform, which your child will be intensively using on the computer at home. As soon as the school administration registers your child's information in the system, the Platform automatically issues a user name and a password for your child, which must be given to you upon completion of registration.


In order to make sure that the combination of user name and password works properly, you can click on the link on the right and choose the language from the flag on the coming page and login the platform.

Login to Platform